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These Are the Beauty Brands That Are (Successfully) Building Communities
by Mimi Droeshout 4-minute read March 25, 2024

The dynamics of self-expression, authenticity, and radical self-love that are transforming beauty brands.

In today's crowded beauty-scape, the brands sparking fierce fandom are those fostering engaged communities that transcend mere consumerism. These trailblazers have tapped into something sacred — crafting spaces that feel more like a VIP clubhouse for the "cool crowd". They recognize that in 2024's oversaturated market, drop-worthy products alone are just the bare minimum entry fee. To truly captivate devotees for life, brands must ignite an essence deeper than pretty packaging — a sense of belonging, acceptance, and kindred spirit connection that make fans feel celebrated on an intrinsic level. It's about leveraging social media as a portal for real, resonant engagement — sharing vulnerabilities, sparking movements, and collectively defining values and identities.

These are the dynamics birthing today's cult-followed empires — immersive worlds where diverse individualities converge around a unifying ethos of self-expression, authenticity, and radical self-love; where brand affinity extends beyond a purchase into a raw space of community and creativity. This elevated intimacy, rooted in seeing and being seen, is what separates these brands — because real beauty has always been an inside job.

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Glossier, bathed in its signature millennial pink-hued glow, has been pivotal in popularizing the "no-makeup makeup look" into the mainstream. From its early days, the brand has leveraged user-generated content and a casual, friend-to-friend tone on social media to build a devoted community around its philosophy of "Skin First, Makeup Second." Fans don't just buy Glossier's products, they live and breathe the brand's authenticity-driven ethos. Just scroll through the #GlossierBabes hashtag to see a deluge of radiant selfies from genuine users, not just flaunting their Glossier-enhanced beauty but often donning Glossier apparel, like caps and hoodies, as a testament to their allegiance.


Pat McGrath Labs

Luxury means different things for different brands, but for Pat McGrath Labs it's a lavish experience steeped in artistry. The iconic makeup maestro has curated an impassioned following amongst makeup maximalists and professional artists alike — all united in admiration for her otherworldly product textures and visionary creative direction inspired by high-fashion fantasy. Her devoted "Motherships" feverishly await each covetable drop and revel in Pat's illustrious runway pedigree, recreating her runway looks whenever they can. 


Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty, introduced by global superstar Rihanna in 2017, revolutionized the beauty industry. Debuting with an unparalleled selection of 50 shades, the brand shattered existing norms for shade range and inclusivity. Fenty Beauty did more than acknowledge diverse skin tones; it transformed the beauty narrative for people of color, who for decades had been significantly overlooked by the industry. Inspired by its founder's pioneering ethos, Fenty Beauty has cultivated a dynamic community of advocates for unabashed self-love, celebrated as the #FentyFace.



For makeup mavens, few communities sizzle hotter than Morphe's army of 'Brushies and Babes'. The wallet-friendly brand rose to cult status through smart celebrity influencer collaborations, but its true power is an intensely engaged fanbase bound by a shared passion for creativity and self-expression. Just visit Morphe's social channels to witness the dazzling makeup looks, soft-glam tutorials, and #MorpheBabe challenges that keep this diverse tribe pushing artistic boundaries daily.


Charlotte Tilbury

Few capture old-Hollywood allure better than Charlotte Tilbury. Through her transformative product ranges, the legendary makeup artist has empowered a worldwide community of unapologetically confident, "fiercely fabulous" women. Beyond the luxe, high-performance formulas, this 'Pillow Talk Pout' sisterhood connects over Tilbury's feminist ethos of enhancing inherent beauty through effortless-looking glam — sharing dazzling #LOTD posts and rebuilding self-love along the way.


About Face

Halsey's increasingly popular brand, About Face, rallied a community of color-craved creatives and outsiders from inception, united by her bold anti-establishment vision. The brand's vibrant, highly pigmented formulas and edgy aesthetic provide an artistic canvas for exploring uncompromising individuality. About Face prominently features fan looks and affirmations, sparking raw dialogue around authenticity and inclusivity. By championing uniqueness, the brand has galvanized a global tribe rallying under the ethos 'Make Your Statement.'



Milk has championed a fiercely creative, convention-defying community of Gen Z and millennial beauty rebels. The brand's punchy aesthetic, genderless philosophy, and bold products strike a chord with an audience that sees makeup as a form of self-expression. Milk spotlights fans' avant-garde looks across social media using hashtags like #LiveYourLIT, while immersive experiences like Truck Tours bring the community together in real life. This constant dialogue and co-creation keep Milk's unapologetic beauty culture makers endlessly inspired.

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Brands like One/Size are fostering body-normative communities celebrating curves rather than conforming. his tribe, grounded in body positivity, supports each other with authentic narratives and radiantly confident selfies, dismantling decades of restrictive beauty norms — one empowering, self-loving post at a time.

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