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Barbiemania Is Officially Out of Control
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by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read July 26, 2023

Barbie movie's blockbuster success and record-breaking marketing budget create a dazzling dream world at the box office, leaving Mission Impossible and Indiana Jones in the toy chest.

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The Barbie movie has taken the entertainment world by storm since it hit theaters last weekend. In a return to pre-Covid era moviegoing, people showed up in droves to indulge in Greta Gerwig’s take on the cultural icon and her universe. On top of that, the Barbie movie has smashed opening weekend expectations at the box office, generating ticket sales of USD155 million globally, the highest-grossing opening for a female director ever, which has surpassed hit summer movies such as Mission Impossible: Dead ReckoningIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and even Oppenheimer. The Monday following its release over the weekend, the Barbie Movie set another record, generating USD26 million in ticket sales, the biggest Monday in the history of Warner Bros

What truly set it apart and fueled the frenzy of Barbie was its marketing campaign, which seemed to know no bounds. While the film's production budget was USD145 million dollars, the movie's marketing budget was even higher – a staggering USD150 million dollars. The budget was invested wisely in a brilliantly crafted strategy that has made Barbie an inescapable presence in our lives. In fact, it's made it possible to fully immerse yourself in a Barbie dream world. 


Picture this; you wake up in your 'Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse' Airbnb where hot pink wallpaper covers every inch of the walls. You get up to brush your hair with your Barbie x Tangle Teaser, then your teeth with your Moon x Barbie toothbrush. You take out your Barbie x NYX palette, before finishing your summer packing – all things pink zipped up in a Bèis x Barbie suitcase. Slide your Barbie x Superga sneakers on to head over to Pinkberry to grab a 'Barbie Land Berry Pink' frozen yogurt. The Barbie movie has infiltrated every corner of our lives.

Ensuring the Barbie name is to be seen everywhere and on everything, the partnerships the film’s marketing team took on have directly contributed to the runaway success of the film and also illustrated the enduring appeal of the iconic doll. The ability to bring people together from all corners of the world through a childhood companion, and through incredible story-telling by Gerwig, Barbiemania has undeniably reached unprecedented heights. Here are but a few of the more than 50 marketing partnerships that have transformed every corner of our lives into a plastic, fantastic Barbie world.


Impala Skate

Barbie has teamed up with the iconic Imapala Skate In-Line skates, from socks to skate protection channel your inner rollerblade Barbie, as seen in the Barbie movie.



Bumble and Barbie want to spread positivity and kindness throughout the Bumble community with the new feature “Compliments.” Characters from the Barbie film will pop up in your feed to give you tips on kindness and positivity.

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Burger King

Available in Brazil, Burger King has teamed up with Barbie for an all-pink 'Combo' meal (and yes, that means you're getting – for better or worse – a pink burger).



Calling all girl gamers! You can now transform your gaming setup with limited edition Barbie Xbox controllers and consoles to fit perfectly into your Barbie Dreamhouse.

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OPI's new Barbie-themed collection has rolled out with press-on gel nails, and a range of shimmer, glitter, and crème nail polish shade with names like 'Hey Barbie!' and 'Yay Space!' and shades inspired by the film.

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Joybird, the modern furniture and decor store, has launched a new collection of home furniture in collaboration with Mattel in vivid colorways and whimsical touches that invites you to create your own real-life Barbie 'Dreamhouse'.

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