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Making History: The Savoir Flair Editors Pledge to No Longer Buy Fast Fashion
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by Grace Gordon 2-minute read February 13, 2022

For the first time in history, a fashion publication has come forward with an anti-fast fashion pledge, signed by all of its editorial team. Read on to discover why we are taking this crucial step.


In recent years, we have witnessed fires ravage Australia, parts of Europe and the United States, hurricanes rip through Madagascar and Puerto Rico, mudslides devastate South America and India, and deep freezes shut down large swaths of the American Southwest and Northeastern Europe. There is no doubt that climate change is sending the world into upheaval, and humanity itself dangles on the precipice.

This reality has been met with both fear and apathy. Climate change is so immense that it seems like there’s nothing we can do to stop it as individuals. We (rightfully) blame the giant corporations that directly cause rising emissions and pollute the atmosphere and oceans, and the governments that sit idly by while their populations are decimated. Because the problem seems so infinite and the measures needed to halt climate change so vast, we end up shrugging our shoulders at the whole thing, assuming that future generations will sort it all out. 


However, as Gandhi once said, “We need not wait to see what others do.” Savoir Flair is a part of the fashion industry, and that industry is part of a larger system that is failing the planet and its citizens. Many years ago, I penned an in-depth op-ed on the damage that fast fashion is causing to both the ecosystem and human lives. It took many months of research to write, and what I discovered at that time changed me irrevocably. From that moment onward, I never again bought anything from a fast-fashion brand. Why? 

“As a three trillion-dollar industry, fashion produces more than 150 billion garments a year. This prompts the question: why are we purchasing clothes at such a fast rate? Because we can, because it’s cheap because it’s readily available. It’s packaged and marketed in such a way as to erase its exploitative footprint. H&M, Zara, Forever 21 – these brands produce billions of garments annually because people buy them. Simple supply and demand. The way to topple this problem once and for all is to cease the demand. That’s right: every single one of us – me, you, and everyone you know – should absolutely and completely stop buying fast fashion. Forever. Given the atrocious environmental and human damage caused by mass production, this is the only answer. I realize what that means for my life and yours. However, the global situation is so dire that I refuse to offer any other choice. No compromise is possible when it comes to one of the most widespread, damaging, and exploitative industries the world has ever known. Commit to stop buying fast fashion, commit to informing others, commit to a better future for the next generation.”

Now, this might seem like an extreme overreaction. The world has been shaped into something so capitalistic, and so consumer-driven that the idea of not buying fast fashion seems absurd. How else can you keep up with trends in an affordable and easy way? Our value and our identity on this earth have been reduced to what we buy. We buy to keep up with demands for our personal images, we buy to fit in, and we buy to transmit a message about who we are and what we believe. The good news is that you can vote with your dollars. You can make your purchases count by buying consciously and ethically. You can take the slow-fashion route and only buy a few high-quality, long-lasting pieces once or twice a year to enhance your existing wardrobe. You can commit to buying only sustainably sourced, ethically produced, and eco-friendly products. There are a lot of solutions. So why not try them?

It may seem like a raindrop in an infinite ocean, as if your conscious effort and compassion will never make a difference. However, the entire ocean is made of an inestimable amount of raindrops. If we all work together, the difference will be tangible.

It starts with one.

That is why we are taking an unprecedented step as a publication. To our knowledge, no other fashion publication in history has ever made this decision. In keeping with our Manifesto that supports a better future for all, every single editor at Savoir Flair has pledged to no longer buy fast fashion. Read the pledge and see our signatures committing to it, below, and ask yourself if this is a pledge you’d be willing to make with us.

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