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*The* Place to Book If You’re Visiting Bodrum This Summer
article AMUNRAYA
by Xandi Eleazar 3-minute read July 27, 2023

With sophisticated pavilions and a serene Beach Club, this Amanruya Bodrum review showcases the epitome of a unique Aegean escape.

article AMUNRAYA

Where the Aegean Sea laps languidly against the shores of Bodrum, Türkiye, an etymological dream has been given form and function: Amanruya. Born of two words, the Sanskrit aman, for ‘peace’, and ruya, the Turkish word for ‘dream’, this property is a testament to the tranquility that’s been woven into its very fabric.

On arrival, you are greeted with a captivating view — a scene straight out of an ancient Anatolian fairy tale — where the Aegean’s vibrant hue is punctuated by terracotta-hued pavilions. An architectural nod to the glorious Byzantine structures that once graced these lands, these pavilions are tucked within an ancient pine forest, among olive groves and cypress trees, immersing guests in the scent of pine and the musical sounds of the cicadas. The entire resort is crafted from locally sourced materials such as wood, white marble, and ceramics, demonstrating a strong focus on nature preservation and sustainability.

article AMUNRAYA


The pavilions at Amanruya pay homage to the timeless elegance of Turkish design, seamlessly interwoven with the comforts of modern living. Each unit, featuring a lush garden, a soaking tub, a private pool, and cabanas, is a sanctuary of peace and luxury. This wonderfully intimate setting ensures that guests feel like they have the entire resort to themselves, offering a place of solace and reflection. Wide, open doors welcome the warm sunshine and the gentle Bodrum wind, infused with the scent of earth and wood. Handcrafted furnishings, dipped in warm hues, radiate an inviting ambience, reminiscent of the cozy interiors of the magnificent Ottoman era.

article AMUNRAYA


Just a stone’s throw from the tranquil seclusion of the pavilions, the Amanruya Beach Club awaits. Framed by clear turquoise waters and untouched beaches, the venue is lined with sun loungers, daybeds, and couches for ultimate comfort and seclusion. The Aegean coastline offers guests the joy of exceptional sailing and rewarding fishing, with bespoke half- and full-day trips departing directly from the Beach Club’s own jetty. For the adventurous, Amanruya’s protected bay is also perfect for paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and snorkeling, with complimentary equipment available throughout the day.

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Dining at Amanruya is akin to embarking on a voyage through the culinary corridors of the Mediterranean. The fertile soil of the Bodrum Peninsula and the varied microclimates of the region enable the resort to source an incredible variety of fresh produce, adding a unique richness to each dish. The resort’s renowned chefs, much like their ancient Hellenic counterparts, transform these local ingredients into creative renditions of traditional dishes. From a poolside breakfast of simit and honeycomb — foods that once fueled Byzantine merchants — to a lavish dinner of the day’s fresh seafood, each meal is a sensory delight, steeped in history.

As the evening descends, secure your reservation at Sushi by Amanruya an hour before sunset, where you will be rewarded a romantic view as the sky transforms from a soft dusky pink to a velvety twilight blue, sprinkled with what seems like a million twinkling stars.

article AMUNRAYA


Amanruya is not just a retreat, but a gateway to experiences that beckon from beyond the comfort of your villa. For a spellbinding Aegean adventure, where restful days blend seamlessly into starlit nights, the Amanruya Resort is, without a doubt, a dream realized. From the exhilaration of sailing across the Aegean Sea, to the awe-inspiring visits to nearby World Heritage Sites, there’s a stirring harmony of relaxation and discovery that courses through your stay.

At Amanruya, the service is as impressive as the surroundings. The attentive, warm staff ensures that your stay is not just comfortable, but truly memorable. They offer personalized service, anticipating your needs and going above and beyond to cater to your wishes.

Amanruya, the meeting place of Aegean allure and Aman’s renowned luxury, is where the promise of peace isn’t just an abstract concept, but a lived reality. For those in search of an escape that melds tranquility with opulence, Amanruya — the dream of peace — is a dream so mesmerizing, that you wouldn’t want to awaken from.

For more information, or to book your stay at Amanruya, click here.

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