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How to Spend 24 Hours at 25hours Hotel
by Sarah Haddad 4-minute read May 20, 2024

Hello stranger, goodbye habibi.

25hours Hotel One Central Dubai (25h) is a place where time bends to offer you not 24, but 25 hours of pure bliss. Have you ever wondered why it's named 25hours? The answer is beautifully simple: with so much to explore and experience within its walls, a mere 24 hours just doesn't cut it. From the moment you're greeted with its (very fitting) slogan, 'hello stranger, goodbye habibi,' you know you're in for an absolute treat.

So, now that you've checked in, what's next? Maybe you'll want to start your day in the chic yet edgy co-working space with a coffee in hand, or perhaps you're eager to head to one of the five distinct restaurants and bars, or unwind in the sky-high sauna, or take in the view from the rooftop pool (we can go on). The question is, where do you begin? How will you experience everything the hotel has to offer? The possibilities are endless. 

Well, luckily for you, we've created the perfect itinerary for exactly how to spend a full day at 25hours Hotel. We know that every nook of 25h is designed to be exceptionally stylish and picture-perfect, and we're here to ensure you soak up every minute of it.

So, without further ado, as 25hours would cheekily suggest, let’s spend the night together. (We mean day, but you get it.)

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Rise and Shine

First things first, start your day at Nomad Day Bar for your essential morning wake-up call — a coffee and a breakfast hearty enough to power you through the next jam-packed 24 hours. Nomad's partnership with the city’s beloved Nightjar Coffee Roasters of Alserkal Avenue ensures that every brew is a masterpiece, which explains why it's a fan favorite for Dubai’s coffee snobs. Here, you'll find yourself in the center of the coolest co-working space in the city. From the cozy majlis in the lobby to the sun-drenched hotel courtyard, the digital nomads may have come for the Wi-Fi, but they stayed for the vibes. 


Take an Extra Hour (or More)

Next, it's self-care o'clock. Take the elevator up to the sixth floor to find the hotel's fitness room — a haven for fitness fanatics. Fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment, free weights, and even a StairMaster, it has everything you need to get your heart racing and endorphins flowing. After your workout, your well-deserved R&R is only a few steps away with the Extra Hour Spa conveniently located just next door. The spa offers a variety of packages designed to meet your specific needs and preferences, which all include a visit to the hotel’s rooftop pool. Once you've selected a package, we recommend that you start at the sky-high sauna or the Hammam room before you treat yourself to an extra hour (or more) of bespoke treatments and head to the roof to cool off, refresh, and bask in the serene afterglow of your spa session. And for the truly daring, swing by on Sundays for Energy Camp's ice bath sessions — it’s the coolest way to recharge and guaranteed to freeze your socks off (if you were wearing any)!

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Lunch with a Twist

Ready for lunch? Head back downstairs to Tandoor Tina to satisfy your midday cravings. Here, you'll find a delightful fusion of international and Indian cuisine, offering dishes like the inventive Indian Scotch eggs or tempting crispy onion bhaji rings. If you happen to visit on a Tuesday, you're in for a treat — Tina Tacos bring a saucy edge to the week with expertly crafted tacos that promise to spice up your lunch hour. 


Screen Time

Next up on your grand tour, head to another local favorite: the one and only Cinema Akil. Dubai's favorite independent cinema recently opened its second branch at 25hours Hotel, offering an open-air theater experience. So grab your popcorn and dive into an eclectic mix of films that you won’t find in mainstream cinemas, from rare indie gems to thought-provoking documentaries, all under the open sky. Please note that screenings are paused during the summer, but when available, they are free and can be booked directly on the Cinema Akil website.


Listening Party

Time for a music break. On the first floor, you'll find the Analogue Circus, a retro haven with over 500 records and cassettes. Pick a record (any record!) and find the perfect soundtrack to your perfect day at 25h. Whether it's a timeless classic or a fresh beat, they've got it all. So, settle in, drop the needle, and let the music transport you.


Dinner With a View

Meet us on the rooftop for the next delicious chapter of your 24-hour escape. As the sun sets, your adventure continues at Juña — a name inspired by the concept of a 'heavenly garden' in Arabic. With the glow of the Museum of the Future as your backdrop, the rooftop eatery not only promises stunning views and delightful dishes but also brings a traditional touch with its expertly crafted shisha service. So, sit back, indulge, and enjoy the view. Sahtein!

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After all those bicep curls this morning, let someone else tackle the arm workout that comes with blow-drying your hair. 25h has two fabulous glam squad options for you to choose from on the 6th floor. Gents, swing by AKIN Barber for a sleek trim, and ladies, step into The hair salon by wassim steve, where you’ll be pampered by one of the best in the business. Known for top-notch service and a vibrant atmosphere, Wassim and his team cater to the chic and fashion-forward, ensuring you look like the star you are. You'll be ready to turn heads at Monkey Bar (your next stop) in no time.


Monkeying Around

Cap off your 24-hour escapade at Monkey Bar, where a slice of Berlin's eclectic coolness meets Dubai's sophisticated charm. One of the crown jewels of our nightlife scene, this household venue can turn any night into a core memory. Known for its dynamic atmosphere and eclectic music, Monkey Bar draws in a crowd that's always ready to dance the night away. Whether you're grooving to the resident DJs or enjoying a special event featuring visiting talents, your night is sure to be a standout moment in your 25hours experience. 


Pop In, Pop Out

Always at the cutting edge of cool, 25h hosts an ever-changing lineup of pop-up events that are as dynamic and vibrant as the hotel itself. These have ranged from culinary collaborations to high-energy cycling sessions transforming the Nomad courtyard into the spot of the weekend. For those drawn to the groove of old-school beats, the monthly Vinyl Souk is a must-visit, showcasing a treasure trove of analog culture from classic records to unique finds. Be sure to check out the latest pop-up offerings during your stay; you never know what unique experiences await!


Exit Through the Gift Shop

As your 24 hours at 25hours Hotel draw to a close, don't forget to take a piece of this unforgettable experience home with you. Swing by the 25h Things Shop located in the lobby, where you can browse a curated collection of goodies that reflect the unique vibe of your stay. From stylish apparel that lets you dress the part to quirky souvenirs that scream '25hours', this shop has everything to keep the memories alive. Whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift or just want to treat yourself, make sure to stop by on your way out.

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