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Going Somewhere? The 10 Best Luggage Brands (for Every Type of Traveler)
by Mimi Droeshout 7-minute read June 5, 2024

When it comes to jet-setting in style, your luggage is just as crucial as your destination or the attire you pack inside it.

Throughout history, the suitcase has been more than a mere object; it has been a symbol of identity, status, and personal expression. Rooted in the history of migration, suitcases have always had a more significant meaning than just functionality. Take the Bracero Program, for example, which was initiated in 1942, and allowed millions of Mexican workers in the agricultural sector to immigrate to the United States to work on a short-term basis. Leaving their hometowns in Mexico with no more than a backpack, the workers returned months later with proper new suitcases. It was a symbol of their achievements and hard work from abroad, mirrored in the suitcases that now carried their most valuable belongings to take home to their families.

Nowadays, travel has become an art form in and of itself, and like any artist, the discerning traveler needs the right tools. When it comes to jet-setting in style, your luggage is just as crucial as your destination or the attire you pack inside it. Whether you’re a seasoned voyager or planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip, these luxury luggage brands guarantee not just quality and durability, but also unparalleled elegance. The journey begins the moment you start packing.

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Away gained fame for its sleek design and, arguably, one of the cooler features in a suitcase — a built-in charger for your phone. Designed for a modern traveler and constructed from great high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of frequent travel, they’re the kind of suitcase that works for everyone. Their simplicity in design may look like your average suitcase, but the range of colors they come in steps up your suitcase game almost instantly.

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Created by actor Shay Mitchell, Béis puts the emphasis on making travel luggage functional, cool, and affordable. Its range of products is also unmatched — from a duffel that doubles as a gym bag to a backpack, Béis truly has something for every traveler. Recently, the brand collaborated with the Barbie movie for a range of hot-pink Barbie suitcases. For the traveler who prioritizes functionality and loves a great range of colors, all at a competitive price, you’ll definitely find your liking at Béis.



For almost 70 years, Bric’s has been handcrafting its luggage collections for the classic traveler. Oozing Italian luxury in its artisanal craftsmanship, a Bric’s weekender bag is hard to match. The quality lasts you years, and the number of outfits you can (surprisingly) pack in it is a game changer. For the effortless traveler who loves to book a spontaneous trip and whisk away for a weekend trip, the weekender bag is perfect to throw into the overhead compartment on your flight or in the trunk of your car.

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Since 1989, CALPAK has crafted travel essentials for those who embrace the unknown and find joy in the journey. Founded in Los Angeles by Edward and Judy Kwon, CALPAK began with a modest collection of handbags and wallets. Today, its designs are beloved travel companions, ensuring efficiency and safety from departure to arrival. Inspired by travelers and their destinations, CALPAK creates high-quality, stylish products for everyone, encouraging a love for packing and the adventure of getting there.

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Since 1975, Ghurka has viewed life as a series of journeys, whether across continents or just across town, each voyage marking us with unique memories. The brand's name honors the brave and loyal Ghurka soldiers of the Himalayas, inspiring founder Marley Hodgson to create his first leather knapsack in the 1970s, influenced by antique Ghurka campaign gear. Ghurka designs cater to the adventurous spirit, crafting bags that are not only durable but become heirlooms, molded by life’s adventures. Timeless and versatile, Ghurka bags develop a beautiful patina over time, capturing the essence of past journeys and igniting anticipation for future ones.

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Established in the late 1800s, Globe-Trotter luggage is synonymous with the ‘Golden Age’ of travel and the motto, “What might begin with a new suitcase is really the beginning of the voyage of a lifetime.” Globe-Trotter suitcases are entirely produced by hand, in a nearly identical fashion to when they first began, using some of the same methods and machinery as the Victorian era. Not only is the brand meticulous in its production, but Globe-Trotter also allows you to customize your suitcase, from the overall color to detailed stitching (which, in turn, has garnered a multitude of impressive collaborations with Aston MartinGolf Le Fleur, and Casablanca, to name a few). Having been favored historically by royalty and statesmen, this is a luggage brand that is quintessentially British, with each case bearing a timeless appeal.



Established in 1853 in the heart of Paris, Goyard is a name that resonates with understated elegance and exclusivity. More than just a brand, it’s an institution in the realm of luxury, celebrated for its distinctive, hand-painted chevron canvas and exceptional leather goods. Goyard’s suitcases, often spotted in the grip of global elites and celebrities, are a masterful blend of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design. Beyond the aesthetics, each piece embodies the brand’s deep-rooted history, capturing its evolution from a humble trunk maker to an emblem of Parisian sophistication. Opting for Goyard is a nod to both tradition and contemporary luxury, making every journey feel like a voyage through history.



Dating back to the 1850s, Mr. Vuitton created his label by introducing, arguably, the most iconic suitcase to travel with: the Louis Vuitton trunk. The design was so prominent that it ended up being copied repeatedly, which prompted Mr. Vuitton to create the Damier logo, a trademark sign of his namesake brand. Though it may not be the easiest suitcase to carry, there is no denying that strutting into the airport with a trolley stacked with Louis Vuitton trunks isn’t a statement. Louis Vuitton has since extensively expanded its suitcase range to whatever size or format you’d need, and the brand remains a testament to fine craftsmanship and a devoted commitment to luxury travel.

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Rooted in sustainability, Paravel offers a refreshing blend of eco-consciousness with luxury. Every piece from its collection showcases a commitment to reducing the traveler’s carbon footprint — without compromising on style. The avant-garde use of recycled materials, combined with a timeless design aesthetic, appeals to the modern, environmentally aware traveler. When you travel with Paravel, you not only flaunt elegance but also a value system.

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Though primarily known for its outdoor gear, we can’t disregard Patagonia’s incredible duffle bags. Not only do they come in the most aesthetically pleasing colorways, but this duffle (available with or without wheels) is also the perfect suitcase for the more adventurous traveler. Renowned for environmental advocacy and durable products, this brand effortlessly marries style with substance. The luggage line, built with a keen focus on resilience and ethical sourcing, ensures that travelers can tread lightly on the planet while exploring its vastness. Choosing Patagonia means not only investing in a quality product but also supporting a brand that’s dedicated to preserving the very landscapes we adore.

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A paragon of German craftsmanship and design, Rimowa stands tall in the luxury luggage arena with its unmistakable grooved aluminum exteriors. Since its inception in 1898, the brand has been steadfast in its commitment to quality, durability, and innovative design. Each piece tells a story of heritage, with every dent and scratch adding to its unique narrative. Beyond the classic Topas collection, Rimowa has ventured into avant-garde collaborations with high-end brands and designers (remember Dior?), seamlessly merging the worlds of fashion, art, and travel. For the discerning traveler, a Rimowa suitcase isn’t just a means to carry belongings — it’s a symbol of enduring style and uncompromising functionality.

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A beacon of innovation in the luggage world, Tumi stands as a testament to the fusion of form and function. Founded in 1975, this American brand has consistently raised the bar for design, engineering, and functionality in travel essentials. With its patented ballistic nylon, Tumi has ensured that durability remains at the forefront of every piece. But it’s not just about resilience; the ranges often come equipped with tech-savvy features like USB ports, GPS tracking, and ergonomic design elements. For the modern traveler who refuses to compromise, Tumi promises a journey where style meets substance at every turn.

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