How to Care for Suede Shoes (the Easy Way)

how to take care of suede shoes

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of suede shoes knows how careful you must be with the fragile material. Get it wet and the suede can pucker and pull away from the sole, and staining is also always an issue. For a little help with the care and maintenance of suede shoes, Savoir Flair turned to the experts at Level Shoes.

Continue reading below for four easy, inexpensive ways to protect and care for your precious suede products.

how to take care of suede shoes

Living in a desert has side effects. A major point is that sand is very much present everywhere — not sparing your precious shoes either. Dust, of course, puts delicate suede shoes at high risk.

“Suede is the reverse side of leather, which makes it fragile and vulnerable to dirt, dust, and water stains — a shoe lover’s deepest fear!” explains the Master Cobbler at Level Shoes.

Suede fibers are sensitive and have high-absorbing quality, like a porous surface. The tiny hair and organic material reacts quickly. For example, even a drop of water can ruin suede shoes and stain them for life. Therefore, the first step in protecting suede footwear is at the very time of purchase. This might sound overly cautious, but even with the priciest pair of designer heels, it is vital to make them waterproof before giving them a twirl downtown.

The following easy steps are inexpensive and quick ways to care of your precious pieces and protect them from future shoe troubles.


Wash Your Hands Carefully

Washing and drying your hands thoroughly before you touch your suede shoes will help prevent unwanted stains.


Use a Brass Brush

It is necessary to use a brass brush to remove dust and dirt and keep your suede smooth. If your suede shoes have laces, they need to be removed to avoid obstructions and to get an all-rounded cleaning.

Brushing Tips
Begin by holding the shoe so your free hand can be used to brush off accumulated dust and dirt. It is essential to brush suede in one direction, using gentle strokes, as rough brushing may damage the leather. Leather is alive and requires light hands while being treated.



To protect and boost the color of your shoes, we advise using a Renovateur spray, which come in 12 exciting colors to match your suede. The spray will enhance the pigmentation and reverse the effects of fading.

Simply hold the can of Renovateur and spray it 25 cm from the shoe to get a wide coverage of protection, and leave to dry for five minutes. The end result will have your suede looking cleaner, becoming waterproof, and having regained that silky appearance.

Spraying Tips
It is important to use cello tape to cover the parts of your shoe that are not suede (such as stitching that is of a different color, or heels and straps) to prevent discoloration.


Use a Waterproofing Spray

A simple drop of water is a threat to your suede. This spray will prevent water marks and is an essential for everyone to keep in their closet.

A waterproofing spray works by coating the material with a resistant barrier. It prevents penetration of dirt, water, and liquid spills. For example, when water spills, it will slide off the surface instead of being absorbed into the fibers. The formula works as an anti-stain agent for numerous materials, not only suede. It is silicone-free, which means no greasy hands.

Excellent for preventing water stains, spray it 25 cm in the direction of your shoe and leave to dry for 5 minutes. No tape is necessary as it is not a risk to fragile surfaces.

How to Remove Stains

If you’re in need of some expert support, Level Shoes’ team of expert cobblers is highly trained in repairing and cleaning treatments and is available at The Cobbler. The deep-cleaning services include a thorough cleaning process of the entire shoe and takes two to three working days.

For Best Results
– Brush suede frequently to prevent dust from building up.
– Package shoes in a covered rack or in a box.

Recommended Products

Maximize your suede’s lifespan and get the best wear out of them by using Saphir Shoe Treatment Care products. Saphir contains natural ingredients and is the shoe care brand recommended by experts.

Here are four (easy) steps towards taking care of suede shoes.

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