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Milan Fashion Week Coverage: Emilio Pucci Spring 2014 Collection

written by NOOR TEHINI

No one knows better than Peter Dundas how hard it is to drag a brand out of a fashion pigeonhole. The task of reinventing a brand as cool, young, and hip is no small feat, but, five years down the line and after last night’s Pucci collection, it’s safe to say he’s succeeded.

The inspiration behind this collection was – for the umpteenth time this season – sportswear, but Dundas took a more literal approach to the trend than other designers. He borrowed athletic shorts and toppers from the track field and presented them respectively in perforated fabric and rich, complex black micro beading. He borrowed motocross pants with leather kneepads and stopped them below the knee. There were also boxing belts with a giant emblazoned eagle – the Pucci crest – to accentuate the models’ already tiny waists, and oversized parkas made from parachute material. He used neoprene for cropped hoodies and jet beaded tulle for basketball tank tops.

Sportswear got the luxury treatment in the hands of Dundas, with looks covered entirely in Masai-inspired beading. We predict the bead-covered, cutout booties are going be heavy hitters next season. The African inspiration didn’t stop there. A recent trip to Morocco inspired Dundas to include henna-tattoo overlays and seroual silhouettes amidst his signature sexy dresses in the Spring 2014 collection.

The hip and fun collection couldn’t have been more in contradiction with the venue’s gold-gilded walls and antique chandeliers, where the collections are presented every season, and a continuing symbol of the brand’s gradual move away from its roots and towards a younger clientele.

Watch our exclusive video coverage below:

photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-September 22, 2013

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