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New York Fashion Week Coverage: Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Collection

For Spring/Summer 2014, Alexander Wang’s use of self-branding results in a type of semantic saturation that will burn the designer’s name into our brains.

Down at Pier 94, where the cool crowd gathered to a throbbing hip-hop soundtrack, Wang’s fiercely unapologetic show took on street style with a minimalist bend. Wang acolytes will fall for his easy, flesh-baring separates like lampshade pleated miniskirts, oversized argyle cardigans, and asymmetrical smocks.

The show was styled in such a way that every look showed off ample amounts of skin, making this a straightforward shot at the youth market. There were tiny bra tops, textured slip dresses, and even crocheted mesh shirts. For Spring/Summer 2014, Wang’s fashion vision is literally “stripped down”. The show gains traction as more tailored looks begin to appear, first with a cropped and boxy white topper and then with a whipstitched jacket-and-short combination. This is also the moment when we begin to notice the subliminal branding at work in the collection, with laser-cut perforations spelling Wang’s name in small font repetitively. At a distance, this detail appears only to be tiny cutouts. Though Wang now divides his time between his own collection and Balenciaga, he makes the distinction between the two efforts loud and clear. This collection is all Wang.

Watch our exclusive video coverage:

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-September 8, 2013

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