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Chanel Resort 2014 Collection

In keeping with his penchant for showing his resort collection at places like Versailles and Metiers D’Art, Karl Lagerfeld launched his Chanel Resort 2014 presentation in Singapore this season. For a travel-and-vacation themed collection, a nontraditional environment is an excellent point of origin. Singapore, with its thoroughly Westernized strips of high-end shopping and neon-lit areas that hybridize traditional and low-end eating, offers Lagerfeld plenty of East-meets-West tie-ins for his creations. Sure enough, he found inspiration in the curtains of coastal homes and photos of Singaporean fisherman.

However, these checkpoints don’t tell the whole story. Instead, what audiences were treated to was a casual, almost tomboyish take on Chanel classics. There were soft separates that were too luxe to be louche, but instilled with a vibe so relaxed that you could picture yourself sleeping in them. He also presented very literal cricket ensembles, down to the leg pads and wicket gloves – showing off this collections sportif side. Loose shapes, bare midriffs and swirling patterns lent a tropical vacation mood to even the darker, more strident looks. But there were dozens of facets of travel-and-holiday to enjoy: denim/chambray swing jackets, wide-leg printed trousers, cut-out one piece bathing suits, leather-trimmed trench coats, beachy beaded tunics, and more. With 80 looks presented, Lagerfeld left no pebble unturned in his quest to supply Chanel loyalists with 2014’s most desirable cruise clothing.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of CHANEL

-May 23, 2013

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