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Dior Resort 2014 Collection

Ever since Raf Simons took over the helm of Dior, a wider stratum of clientele has been flocking to the label. There is something in the way he can make a dress that is simultaneously girlish and innocent and sophisticated and womanly capture the imagination of the women and girls who carry within themselves the same contradictory sensibilities. For rarely are we just one or the other, often we are both – girls and women, changing places and evolving. That is the appeal of Simons’ version of Dior, which takes the classic shapes we know and love and streamlines them for a more modern, desirable incarnation.

Resort is a colorful time on fashion’s crowded landscape, and already we look ahead to the styles of next year. For Resort 2014, Simons imagines the Dior woman on the go, as she experiences life to its wildest and fullest. There are shaped and molded details that add oomph to daywear separates, lazy slip dresses that are pieced together from contrasting fabrics, and frocks that shape the 50s silhouette into something a little more forgiving.

There’s a new edginess at work here that excites and thrills. There are jagged metallic prints that cut swiftly through a parade of floaty, lace pieces, while midriffs are given their moment in the sun. Bathing suits are classic but suggestive, and Simons’ languid, frothy evening dresses show hints of thigh and bare gleaming shoulders. If Christian Dior himself were to peer into a crystal ball at the future of his brand under the guidance of another designer, one feels that he might give a nod of approval to the way things are shaping up under Raf Simons.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of DIOR

-May 21, 2013

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