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Fashion Forward Season 1 Coverage: Zayan

While Zayan is known for her flirtatious and girly aesthetic, this collection moves the designer forward, well past girliness. The show opened with a tongue-in-cheek ode to the Satwa district in Dubai before the looks turned slightly more grown up. A simple long-sleeved cream frock sporting a layered hem of ruffled metallic fabric was followed by a similar blueprint of blunt-hemmed, minimal silhouettes with an appealing and touchable softness. The chiffon ball skirt paired with a velvet top and baby-blue leather jacket and the tan blouse with radiant-red peplum bottom were some of the hottest looks on the Zayan runway.

Zayan’s work spun two different looks, from smooth, flat details to electric ripples of dimension in the form of mutton sleeves and bubble skirts. Neutrals were paired with bright zings of color that caught the eye as models darted down the runway in swinging braids. For eveningwear, Zayan chopped the lengths on her sleeveless ball gowns by cutting frames into the fronts and touching them along the edges with undulating ruffles. If you’ve been a Zayan girl from the start, it’s time to embrace a more grown-up, stylish, and sensational look. Zayan is moving forward – but it’s not leaving the fun behind.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of ZAYAN

-May 1, 2013

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