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Fashion Forward Season 1 Coverage: Trésors Sauvages

Trésors Sauvagesraison d’être is to transform inspiration and images from the natural world into wearable works of art, and that’s just what its designers, Amalie Beljafla and Soraya Alali, accomplished with their first collection shown at Fashion Forward in Dubai. They launched their presentation with simple suiting, very much in the vein of recent Yves Saint Laurent. The next look – a dress featuring a fitted bodice with intricate embroidered details – transformed the model into a butterfly. Flamingos adorned the trousers of another ensemble and bird wings the next. The flora and fauna of a tropical environment was captured and reproduced against a backdrop of inky-black neutrals, allowing Trésors Sauvages’ dizzying prints to take center stage. Their silhouette was crisp and form fitting, emphasizing strong shoulders and long legs, while feathered headpieces added to the organic effect of the show. For fashion that is bold, non-conformist and staggeringly beautiful, Trésors Sauvages is the regional brand currently nailing that niche.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of TRÉSORS SAUVAGES

-May 1, 2013

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