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Fashion Forward Season 1 Coverage: Toujouri

Toujouri’s glittering presentation at Fashion Forward was an ode to the female form. The show launched with a peter-pan-collared top worn over a diaphanous, gleaming pink maxi dress. There were breathable kaftans, clinging one-piece pantsuits, and liquid-looking organza-topped dresses to choose from amidst an array of flowing chiffon gowns in sorbet shades.

Anyone who’s experienced the heat in the Middle East stands to appreciate Toujouri’s sensible efforts, but it’s one thing to make practical designs and another to do it with elegance. Toujouri falls into the latter camp, turning pragmatism into style statements. Qatar’s first international fashion brand has made a name for itself by appealing to both traditional and fashion-forward tastes alike, and this collection treads a fine line between modesty and flash.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of TOUJOURI

-May 1, 2013

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