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Fashion Forward Season 1 Coverage: Michael Cinco

Escape into the fantastical fantasy world crafted by Dubai-based designer Michael Cinco, in which women are transformed into Russian princesses and tsarinas. A swanlike lacy gown turns the model into a blushing bride from the early 20th century, while a nude gown with full skirt and fitted bodice transports us into something of a Victorian reverie. In keeping with his theme, ‘The Impalpable Dream of Russia’, an iconic Matryoshka doll makes an appearance on a shorter dress.

His body-skimming silhouette and alluring peeks of flesh through a script of lacy scrawl added to the sensual appeal of this collection. Cinco closed the show with two stunning bridal gowns that sported aisle-wide ruffled tulle and organza skirts. It comes as no surprise that Cinco has already outfitted the likes of Tyra Banks and Sofia Vergara. When you want to preen under the appreciative gaze of onlookers, Cinco is there to turn on the spotlight.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of MICHAEL CINCO

-April 30, 2013

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