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Fashion Forward Season 1 Coverage: Dina JSR

Dina JSR was raised in Saudi Arabia by way of Lebanon, but her design sensibilities tell a story of European-oriented elegance. She gained her design aesthetic in London where she attended boarding school and then fashion design school at Central Saint Martins.

During her show at Fashion Forward, Dina JSR presented a gorgeous collection of eveningwear-based pieces that followed a flattering, feminine silhouette in rich tones and fabrics. Her fascination with architecture led to the eye-popping geometric shapes and cutouts that adorned her halter-necked frocks and flowing gowns. In the mix, we saw muted teal body-conscious dresses, slim-cut dresses with leather mini skirts, and exotic dark-red gowns that were slashed to the knee. Dina’s last look was a jade-green gown with a front asymmetrical ruffle panel that would have looked just as home on the red carpet as it did on the runway.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of DINA JSR

-April 30, 2013

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