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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

Sarah Burton’s due date may have foreshortened the McQueen presentation, but she made sure that her 10 looks were so astonishing that it more than made up for the brevity of the show. The irony of this is that fewer looks echo the codes of a couture presentation, and every season, McQueen races more and more that direction. Hard to believe the headline “ready-to-wear” anymore, but there you have it.

Regardless of the categorization, this heavy, jewel-encrusted collection is fit for royalty – and it fits with royal fashion edicts from either a millenia ago or the present day. There is not one Queen in history who would snub this McQueen collection. Tiny seed pearls lined the garments, as diamond studded cages covered the faces of the models. Huge marabou feather tops were decorated with coruscated mesh skirts and tight cream-colored bodices. Layers of lace, mesh, peplum and chain-link metals added body to the already voluminous silhouette. In the case of this season’s McQueen offerings, briefer is better. Anything more than these 10 looks would have been extravagant.

For full photo coverage, click here.

written by GRACE GORDON

-March 6, 2013

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