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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Chanel Fall 2013

They don’t call Karl Lagerfeld the “Kaiser” for nothing. Translated from German, Kaiser means “emperor” and this enormously scaled show – not the least of which had to do with an astonishing 80 looks – had everything to do with Chanel global domination. There is no brand more inextricably interwoven with the fabric of fashion than Chanel, though many nip at the heels of this unstoppable brand. The mood this season was dark but flirty, and Lagerfeld showed his complete, iron-fisted control of the entire operation by breaking up the darker looks with pinks, rainbow knits, and floral and geometric prints without ever breaking down the central message. Substantive, hardy fabrics steered the course, and no matter how they were tweaked, trimmed, and tailored, they still provided ample protection from winter’s cruel elements.

A quick rundown of the looks shows you the breadth and width of this collection: there were leg-framing tweed coats woven with metallic thread, double skirts that unzipped to unveil a second layer beneath, cozy oversized sweaters, one-piece suits, layered dresses, quilted parkas worn with matching skirts, fur patchwork separates, armor-like sheath dresses decorated with dark blossoms, schoolgirl frocks, and more (and more and more). Second-skin thigh-high boots, colorful caps, and shapely handbags helped accessorize the looks. Some have called Karl a fashion dictator because his reign is so supreme, but what they’ve overlooked in this assessment is that the majority of us would willingly elect him as our leader. With output this grand, iconic, and modern we find no need to substitute for anything inferior.

For full photo coverage, click here.

written by GRACE GORDON

-March 5, 2013

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