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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Stella McCartney Fall 2013

It was Carl Jung who best described the dual nature of humanity via the shadow archetypes “anima” and “animus”. Every woman unconsciously portrays masculine traits or the animus, and contrariwise, every man unconsciously portrays feminine traits or anima. With Stella McCartney’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, oversized menswear tailoring offered to take the portrayal from the unconscious to the conscious level.

Clashing with the warm, lavish setting of the Opera Garnier was a suited up display of contrasting pinstripe separates, jogging gear, and quilted parkas. Simple frocks in a range of stripes and asymmetrical cuts swaddled the silhouette, while flat brogues kept the looks casual and unfussy. A few blousy dresses, some inset with rich lace paneling, managed to look as cozy as PJs because of their generous cuts. The message here seems to be that if the Stella McCartney woman is going to inhabit a man’s world, she’s going to be as comfortable as possible during her duration on planet “Mars”.

For full photo coverage, click here.

written by GRACE GORDON

-March 5, 2013

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