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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Valentino Spring 2013

The delicious shiver of anticipation one experiences before viewing Valentino is due to the simple fact that each collection since Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli took over the brand has been achingly beautiful. Their incredibly feminine, thoughtful presentations are looked forward to each season by a diverse array of women because true beauty will be appreciated by anyone, no matter your personal style preferences. Maybe you’d never wear one of these gorgeous gowns, preferring a more irreverent approach to style, but you sure as heck want to see them. Human beings will go out of their way to align their eyes with forms of beauty and the Romantic poets remind us of this idea constantly. The poetry of the Valentino runway this season is fluid, modern, and ladylike with hints of sensuality in their use of sheer. Hemlines are kept long and the silhouette is fitted at the bodice and then moves into flowing skirts. From a palette of delicate, shimmering neutrals, Chiuri and Piccioli manage to weave in classic Valentino red in the form of a stunning full-leather dress-coat. Their dresses sport adorable puff sleeves, eyelet, lace, and silk fabrics, and elegant, youthful movement. This collection can be summed up in one word: graceful.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-October 3, 2012

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