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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Saint Laurent Spring 2013

Remember when director Jon Favreau decided to make Cowboys vs. Aliens and everyone was so excited to see the blend of these two radically different universes collide on the silver screen? In similar fashion, Hedi Slimane, the newly appointed creative director of Saint Laurent Paris, decided to combine sweeping, dramatic Westernwear with occult elements for a collection that’s witchy and wild. Almost the entire palette was black, save for a few red-hot looks at the end, and one aquamarine gown with a flowing teal cape, which made for a rather moody presentation for Spring/Summer 2013. He favored floor-skimming silhouettes made from chiffon and silk-blend fabrics to amp up the drama of his dresses, and skintight trousers, some in pure leather, to ratchet up the sex appeal of his separates. Giant bows ran like jabots down the front of his blouses, and paired with wide-brim hats it made for a neck-up central focus on each look. There were lots of fringy suede skirts, dusters, and tough little vests in the mix as well, and Slimane worked hard to stay true to Yves Saint Laurent’s lean suit cut. If Slimane’s woman is in a cowboy cult, you might find her crouching next to a fire under a starlit sky, either skinning a varmint or whispering a spell into the crackling flames.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-October 3, 2012

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