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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Giambattista Valli Spring 2013

In keeping with his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, Giambattista Valli sticks to a palette of neutrals including white, gold, and dove grey, with crushing crimson closers. Yet, this is where the similarities end. Last season, the show referenced girl-about-town tawdriness. This season Valli takes a ladylike approach in creating a collection befitting a modern-day Grace Kelly. The retro inspirations were aplenty, from peplum-adorned toppers to cropped swing jackets, but the polish and poise was kept on the sensual side with ample use of sheer fabrics. For instance, he sent a series of sheer pencil skirts with a panel of opaque fabric around the knee down the runway, a look that’s audacious enough to require some serious wardrobe pre-planning. Elsewhere, less challenging elements, like lacy dresses and gorgeous cocktail gowns covered in bumpy paillettes, fleshed out the feminine side of the collection. His alluring crimson looks showed off jaunty collars and starchy bows. Elegant and surprising from start to finish, Valli’s latest appeals heavily to those with packed social calendars who need their casual eveningwear needs met.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-October 2, 2012

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