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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Givenchy Spring 2013

Rippling ruffles and curving scalloped edges lent a certain softness to what would have otherwise been a rather severe collection by Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci. His desire to return to his roots had him delving into Givenchy archives, but the swinging 60s of the brand’s origins was nowhere to be seen this season. Instead, there was a sense that Tisci wasn’t going to compromise or bend. His collection was filled with stark-black ruched garments, stiff tunics, and powerful one-shoulder tops in silk. His gowns were floor-sweeping, resembling nuns’ clothes, and his silhouette was tightly controlled. Topping off the looks were wide metal chokers, symbolic of captivity. The religious undertones were hard to escape, perhaps because of Tisci’s own Catholic upbringing. What he consistently does, however, is blend severity with softness, darkness with light, and sex with repression. This collection offers the blending of disparate elements for those who can’t decide between their preference for heaven or hell, pleasure or pain.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-October 1, 2012

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