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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Hermès Spring 2013

Safari makes yet another appearance on the Spring/Summer 2013 runway, but it makes so much more sense in the hands of a travel-oriented brand like Hermès. The luxury aspect is a key element, so the safari jackets are plush and grommeted, and the suit separates are made of gorgeous leather and cut with an eye towards a more modern silhouette. Christophe Lemaire also favors geometric shapes, patchwork color-blocked leather toppers, and exotic mosaic and tropical prints. There are some close calls when it comes to echoing Fendi’s latest triumph, but Lemaire’s scaled-back design aesthetic keeps the looks firmly in Hermès territory. As in his previous collections, Lemaire focuses on chic, sophisticated pieces that have a pragmatic aspect to them. If you’re going to travel in style, this is definitely a collection to keep in mind.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-October 1, 2012

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