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London Fashion Week Coverage: Jean-Pierre Braganza Spring 2013

There is deconstruction and there is destruction, but Braganza manages to weave them both into a graphically brilliant tapestry that speaks to both while creating an alternative to them at the same time. This bold collection reminds one of the chaos of urban destruction, yet it is juxtaposed against clean, bright lines and a clearly delineated aesthetic that is very much in keeping with Braganza’s vision.

Crisp white lines cut a wide swath against a black background on the opening look, but the prints only get more interesting from here. Trompe l’oeil details like printed, rather than real, pockets keep us guessing, while a repeated pattern reminiscent of high-frequency sound waves keeps the pacing of the show lively and electric. The deconstructed aesthetic comes in the form of slashed-open tops that cascade down the front of the torso like the whole thing’s coming apart. For all of the broken glass and sound-wave imagery, there is softness to this collection in the gentle folds of vests and the loose fit of shift dresses. Sleeveless tuxedo blouses and slouchy trousers are a comfortable balance to the high-wire print presentation, and Braganza’s balancing act is without a misstep.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-September 16, 2012

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