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New York Fashion Week Coverage: Reed Krakoff Spring 2013

Reed Krakoff shows a collection of sporty luxe filtered through earthy neutral-colored lenses. With a silhouette that’s more well-articulated than his previous efforts, Krakoff’s evolution as a designer is revealed. With all the focus on sportswear and the slightly androgynous bend of the clothing, there is a certain grace to the presentation. Sheer overlays added an extra dimension of soft texture to the leather sports bras, while chiffon-hemmed shorts lent an element of sweetness to the tricky bottoms. His reptile-print leather skirts were a smart counterbalance to all of the see-through tops and jackets. A pop of lipstick red added a visual relief from all of the burnt-umber, taupe, and nude shades presented on the Krakoff runway, but a little more color wouldn’t have upset the balance. Krakoff’s strength is in balancing a minimalist approach with a love of unusual textures, and this collection played to his strengths.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GETTY IMAGES

-September 13, 2012

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