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New York Fashion Week Coverage: Altuzarra Spring 2013

So far, the most buzz-worthy collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been Altuzarra’s. In rare form, this young designer proves that maybe there is something new under the sun. Joseph Altuzarra’s reinterpretation of the traditional womenswear blazer has caused a stir, to say the least. The hybrid mix of a cape and a blazer with side vent slots to put your arms through, this new garment hangs easily around the torso. This is polished perfection that can only be manufactured by someone who truly is in touch with the needs of modern women. His achingly cool presentation has fashion editors the globe over plotting their next feature.

A bold new tailoring decision led to the blazer/cape hybrid, but the rest of the collection was just as keen. With the use of hardy fabrics instead of the season’s popular lightweight chiffons and organdy blends, Altuzarra differentiates himself from the rest of the pack. Sturdy linens and cottons replete with youthful railroad stripes supported the weight of the daywear portion. Pencil skirts and trim trousers kept the silhouette clean and proportionate. The inventive designer brought a new twist to the office uniform that pairs the Oxford blouse with a pencil skirt by keeping the blouse completely unbuttoned and tucked into the high-waisted skirt. For eveningwear, Altuzarra counted on sloping fringe decorations to enliven his pieces. He saved his more exotic looks for last, relying on heavy-duty layering and draping to impress upon the audience a feeling of nomadic adventure. This gorgeous collection has boosted Altuzarra into the upper echelons of New York’s fashion elite overnight, and there’s no doubt he can keep pace with his competitors.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRUNWAY

-September 9, 2012

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