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Paris Fashion Week Coverage: Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2012 Couture

Martin Margiela may have retired in 2009, but the spirit of his work is still alive at the design house. For the first time, Margiela show off their “Artisanal” collection comprised of 15 hand-stitched pieces. And, as always, they ask you to consider the garments without the typical runway distractions.

Each look was paired with a fully-beaded face mask that completely disguises the model’s visage. This is not the first time, nor likely the last, that Margiela has used this technique to help the viewer focus on the clothes. And yet, given the odd appearance of the face masks, it can sometimes work as a distraction. The first two looks shown were very basic: a short, white, shift dress with peplum detailing and a simple white pantsuit. From there, the palette changes to dark, moody prints and lace/sheer pants. Some are decorated with heavy beading, like the bib collar top, while others rely on more avant-garde structure like the plastic patterned coat shown at the close.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRunway

-July 5, 2012

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