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Milan Fashion Week Coverage: Versus Fall 2012

Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane of Versus were in a tawdry kind of mood this season. The Versus girl is feeling a little impetuous and rebellious for Fall/Winter 2012. You can slick up the London scenester in Italian leather, but Versus still wants her to keep her attitude. These heartbreakers will turn the heads of men, and they know it.

Versace and Kane kept the silhouette figure-hugging with their tight, sinewy cuts. Leather tops were slashed and then laced back up with cord, and trousers were worn low across the hip. The palette ran from moody mauves to hushed royal blues and then over to shocking shades of pink and muted yellow. A blown-up print decorated several of the later looks, until the runway took a turn for the psychedelic in the form of tie-dyed dresses. Thigh-high boots clasped the lean legs of the models – boots made, perhaps, for stomping on a few idealistic romantic dreams. This tough, sexy collection was right on the money for the youth crowd that Versus attracts. Stay with this theme, and you have yourself a real moneymaker.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRunway

-February 27, 2012

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