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London Fashion Week Coverage: Jonathan Saunders Fall 2012

After a heavy start to Fall/Winter showings, Jonathan Saunders comes along and shows us that texture can be a trick and that a change of seasons doesn’t have to carry a maudlin mood with it. This clean, easy-going collection may have looked buttoned-up, but it wasn’t uptight. In fact, it was styled in such a way as to come off as a tad eccentric. This combination of eccentricity and ease works well in Saunders’ capable hands.

The show is launched by a pin-neat look: stovepipe printed trousers are paired with a shiny earth brown car coat that has a brightly colored 70s lapel peeking over the neck. The coat is repeated as a jacket in the next look and keeps popping up in different colors and fabrics – most notably a corrugated lavender shade. Undulating Magic Eye patterns work some trompe l'oeil, as they fake a rougher texture on the smooth silks they’re printed on. A few sporty looks are in the mix, complete with visor and tennis sweaters. The clothes are bluntly and sparingly cut, creating those visual blocks of color (though in a fairly muted palette) that Saunders is known for. Whether you walk away from this loving the prints, or the quirky presentation of it all, one thing is certain, you’ll walk away liking what you saw.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRunway

-February 21, 2012

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