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New York Fashion Week Coverage: Calvin Klein Fall 2012

Francisco Costa is loosening the tightly-controlled silhouettes usually found on the Calvin Klein runway for a look that is more forgiving, but much more current than previous seasons. With an hourglass shape at play, the effectiveness of these simple dresses draws the viewer in. These are confident, mature style basics that have all the makings of good wardrobe staples.

This collection moves easily from weighty neutrals in the form of dresses and suit separates to brightly-colored pieces. Every look features alluring curves, which add a feminine softness to the show. Nothing about this feels overdone or ill-conceived, though it does play it a little safe. If you’re hunting for sophisticated wardrobe basics, this is a collection you’ll be dipping into often.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRunway

-February 18, 2012

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