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New York Fashion Week Coverage: Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, there are few shows where spots are more coveted than the Marc Jacobs show. He has continued to define and defy the NYFW scene for decades. Cultural historian, Elisabeth Wilson, once stated, “Fashion, in a sense, is change.”

For that reason, there is always a breathless moment right before the first model hits the MJ runway. We hold our breath because we know we are about to see fashion change, and we’re willing to follow Marc Jacobs into any new territory he wants to traverse. This season, layered eccentricity is the mood, and before the show was even over, we were on board with this feeling.

Against a backdrop of fanciful ruins – created by artist Rachel Feinstein – models walked down a curved runway in cartoonishly proportioned clothes. Layers and padding bulked up the silhouette of this collection, but their delightfully idiosyncratic appearance won us over. Louche hats, flats, and colorful socks, old-fashioned wallpaper print overcoats, and perforated leather tunic dresses are among the more wearable pieces, but anyone can find a way to work in his new proportions. Hint: layers on top, cropped trousers that stop at the shins, and bare legs are one way to achieve this look. Tinsel and electrocuted little tufts of fur spruced up the outerwear and kept us guessing. Some of these looks verged on madness, but they were tempered with enough derring-do and bravado to make this one of the most exhilarating collections at NYFW so far.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRunway

-February 15, 2012

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