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Behind the Scenes: Spring 2013 'Hide and Chic' Fashion Shoot

In this video, we reveal an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Savoir Flair’s Spring 2013 Hide and Chic fashion shoot.

Our heroine, Maria Flava, is first seen in a slow-motion black-and-white shot with her modest sling-back heels clicking along a cobblestone road. The grayscale video echoes the black and white ensembles that the shoot centers on. We see Flava in a pageboy haircut and sharp suit that recall Chanel stylings of the 60s, and again in a flowing white top and major gladiator sandals. The angular modernity of spring fashions juxtaposes sharply against an Old World European backdrop, each shot captured by the all-seeing eye of our photographer, Jeremy Zaessinger.

written by GRACE GORDON

-May 20, 2013

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