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Video Exclusive: Donatella Versace in Conversation with J.W. Anderson

When Christopher Kane left Versus, Donatella went in search of a young, fearless designer who could fill Kane’s shoes.

She landed on J. W. Anderson, one of London’s most thrilling and experimental new designers. “In the beginning, I did not understand what this guy was doing,” she shared, “but it made me think.” This enticing moment led Donatella Versace to invite J. W. Anderson aboard Versus, a brand that she calls “her baby”. In this intimate video interview, we see Donatella and Jonathan in conversation, discussing the origin of their collaboration and how they are able to push each other out of their design comfort zones to reach new echelons of creativity. Witness the duo together as they talk about new modernity, the new direction of Versus, and the common ground that brought them together in the first place.

written by GRACE GORDON|video: courtesy of VERSACE

-May 13, 2013

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