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Street Chic: Celebrity Gym Style

Toss away those old t-shirts and high-wasted yoga pants, and inject your gym wardrobe with some serious celebrity-inspired style.

Here to help you is our round-up of stylish stars, who look amazing no matter how hard they’re sweating it out at the gym. The word from the street is that chic athleticwear is in, and making it work for practical purposes is a smart move. Think slim and trim elastic pants or leggings paired with an off-shoulder sweater or a slouchy printed tee. Don’t forget to accessorize to the max; water bottles, slick sneakers, giant sunglasses, and a chic gym tote are also on these celebrities’ checklist of fabulous gym accouterments.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of SPLASH NEWS

-October 23, 2012

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