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Video Lookbook: Camilla Skovgaard's 'Hotel Skovgaard: Room 77'

Long-time friend of Camilla Skovgaard, British-Emirati filmmaker Ali F. Mostafa offers a supernatural and unsettling look at the intersection of beauty and darkness in the new video lookbook for the Skovgaard line. Rampant with symbolism in the form of crushed moths, crosses, snake-draped holy men, and magical tattoos, this video moves from one startling image to the next. Each shot is intercut with a close-up of the shoes in the new collection, but these cuts only serve to enhance the creepy feel of the film. Strange, occult images flicker through the video, telling a story of possession. This isn’t an unfamiliar feeling to the fashion slave, who might often feel possessed to own and wear a truly beautiful item, but Skovgaard and Mostafa’s vision carries this idea to a supernatural extreme.

written by GRACE GORDON|video: courtesy of CAMILLA SKOVGAARD

-September 8, 2012

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