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FW12 Runway Report: Razzle Dazzle

compiled by TANIA NIA

When the economy began limping along back in 2008, the fashion industry reflected the drop in consumer spending by scaling back their collections in radical ways. The Fall/Winter collections of 2012, exploding with luxury, seem like a far cry from the austerity of those days. From giant fur coats to jewel-encrusted everything, the industry has taken an unapologetic dive into the deep end of opulence. We’re not talking about a hint of crystal here and there; we’re talking heels, bags, and other accessories that are dripping with glittering jewels, gold spikes, sequins, reflective mirrors, and more. Flip through our gallery, shrug off your pious spending, and start splurging on these dazzling beauties.

-September 2, 2012

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