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Exclusive First Look: The Making of the Lady Dior Campaign

Marion Cotillard’s shattering beauty and graceful poise have made her the natural choice for the face of Dior’s Lady Dior campaign. Eight months have passed since we reviewed her L.A.dy Dior video shot by John Cameron Mitchell, and Dior has now gone full throttle into their fall/winter promotion with a new web documentary starring Cotillard, in which she visits the ateliers where the Lady Dior handbag is made. We managed to get our hands on some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the short film, which appears exclusively on www.dior.com today. Click through to catch a glimpse of Cotillard mugging for the camera, signing autographs, and even stealing a quiet moment off set to study her lines.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of DIOR

-August 31, 2012

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