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First Look: The Exclusive MyTheresa.com Dirndl Collection

1. A full, wide skirt with a tight waistband.
2. A woman's dress in the style of Bavarian folkwear, with such a skirt and a close-fitting bodice.

An uncommon name, and an often confusing one to pronounce, the dirndl is slowly making its way into our vocabulary this season. Remember it because it will soon also be making its way into your wardrobes. This season, a collaboration between MyTheresa.com and renowned folkwear manufacturer Lanz saw the launch of an exclusive dirndl collection. Click the video above to see how celebrated stylist Tabitha Simmons spins traditional Bavarian folkwear into a modern trend.

written by NOOR TEHINI|video: courtesy of MyTheresa.com

-August 12, 2012

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