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Cheap and Chic: Kurt Geiger Starheel and the Supers Collection

Starheel is a sexy shoe heroine that hails from London and possesses a single mission: to place a pair of Supers on the foot of every woman. Each cheekily named shoe from Kurt Geiger’s Starheel and the Supers collection imbues the wearer with a special power. The Elektra’s spikes, for instance, will help you go faster. This brightly colored collection draws on the punchy exaggeration of 1980s comic books, and brings with it an empowering and humorous message from one of London’s trendiest footwear designers.

Kurt Geiger Starheel and the Supers collection, from AED 633, available online at Kurt Geiger.

written by GRACE GORDON

-August 9, 2012

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