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Street Chic: Celebrity Airport Style

Even in their most casual attire, these celebrities and models look enviably stunning. In fact, if they gave lessons on how to maintain that certain aura of mystique even in a pair of skinny jeans and a loose top (see: Alessandra Ambrosio), we’d be the first to sign up.

Trend reporting from the streets has seen a rise in skinny jeans paired with button-down shirts. Charlize Theron even went so far as to pair denim on denim, which is usually a “No”, but on her it looks amazing. High-top sneakers and comfy flats were the footwear choice du jour. Scarves, huge bags, and retro-inspired sunglasses were a few keen ways they accessorized. However, Michelle Williams and Miranda Kerr reminded us that one of the most essential street chic pieces of the moment is the sophisticated trench coat.

compiled by CAMILLE MACAWILI|written by GRACE GORDON

-July 18, 2012

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