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Line We Love: Emily Cho

Emily Cho’s brilliance lies in a simple design aesthetic. Her line consists of the basics: a clutch, a satchel, and a shopper, but they’re each done up in brilliant hues, exotic skins, and modern shapes.

Her clutch has flaps that fold down like a dog-eared page, framing the hand that holds it. You can choose from a variety of styles: a great graphic texture of crocodile against a colorful leather background, a blurry macro floral print, and a vibrant one-tone snakeskin version. Or if a big envelope satchel or slouchy shopper are more your speed, you can snag one in a similarly bright shade of neon or that lovely floral print. It’s a keen bag blueprint that Cho follows, and our take on it is: Why mess with perfection?

Emily Cho bags, from AED 1,748, available online at Emily Cho.

written by GRACE GORDON

-May 10, 2012

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