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SF Exclusive: The Making of Dior's Diorissimo Bag

The Diorissimo bag, of logo-stamped jacquard fame, has received a make-under recently that puts it squarely in the category of “must have”. Instead of a splashy logo, Dior has opted instead for smooth, seamless calfskin and a rigid structure decorated by a jangly set of Dior charms. Watch the video for an inside look at how it’s handcrafted by a team of professionals at the Dior handbag atelier.

First, the bag design is sketched by the creative director of accessories as the prototype for the Diorissimo is prepared. Rich leather hides are measured and fit to the prototype to ensure there is no wasted material. The leather hide is then precision cut by hand, while its interior is embossed with the Dior insignia. A powerful surger stitches together the bag before the seams and hardware edges are hand-painted to ensure uniformity. The bag is turned right side in and hardware is hammered in place, ensuring the handles are affixed to the bag. The charms are added, et voila! The bag is completed after many hours of attentive labor.

written by GRACE GORDON|video: courtesy of DIOR

-March 21, 2012

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