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New York Fashion Week Coverage: Yigal Azrouel Fall 2012

Though Yigal Azrouel collections are rarely loaded with bells and whistles, they always stand out from the crowd, no matter how bluntly they are cut or how muted the tone of their colors are. This collection is in keeping with the Azrouel ethos: bold looks couched in simple structures.

This masculine collection brings sensual heat to the category of menswear-inspired fashion by piling on leather and fur. Wide-leg tweed trousers, long trenches, sloped-shouldered tunics and furry boots gave the looks ample, fuller silhouettes. Though there was heat to it all, there was an underlying current of modesty. Too bad. Wear this collection and you’re still going to turn heads.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of GoRunway

-February 11, 2012

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