Jean Louis Sabaji Debuts a Truly Breathtaking Bridal Collection

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Earlier this year, we were thrilled to reveal regional designer Jean Louis Sabaji’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. This is a talent who has flown under the radar, but whose sculptural approach to silhouettes and imaginative couture skills have led him to be dubbed “the Alexander McQueen of the Middle East”.

With a father who was a couturier to Lebanese royalty, design informs his DNA, making it a natural next step for Sabaji to embark on a career of his own. From his debut collection in 2012 to the present, Sabaji has rapidly evolved as a designer and, for the first time ever, he is trying his hand at bridal styles. However, his unique vision means this is no ordinary bridal collection – instead, this Fall/Winter 2017 collection boasts a stunning array of styles, from feather-appliquéd jumpsuits and gold two-piece suits that could’ve been plucked straight from the closet of David Bowie circa 1970s to veritable works of art in the form of rose-shaped gowns and dresses with immense gauzy trains.

Whether you’re a retro bride, a high-fashion bride, or a daring bride, there are more than enough looks in this collection to dazzle and entice. In an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair, Sabaji shared the theme of his collection, saying, “I experimented with fabrics – from silk to satin, organza, mousseline, and tulle – harmoniously blending and layering the different textiles into different cuts to create attractive silhouettes. Dresses have even been made out of leather, enhancing exceptional and dreamy textures. The different styles also reflect the flexibility of the modern bride, with several unusual details appearing throughout the collection.”

Browse through the gallery above for an exclusive first look at Jean Louis Sabaji’s gorgeous bridal capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2017.