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SF News Flash: Hermès and Savoir Flair Beach Party

After months of planning (secret meetings, keeping our well-manicured fingertips from Tweeting), Hermès and Savoir Flair are pleased to announce they are hosting the Paris Mon Ami Dubai beach party together on Friday.

Savoir Flair has long been a partner of Hermès, working together on last year’s rendition of the campaign J’aime Mon Carré, as well. Savoir Flair has been hand-selected to be the co-host in the Paris Mon Ami Hermès beach party, which is already being touted as one of the most glamorous events of Dubai’s social calendar.

This year, Paris Mon Ami sees four friends reunited in Paris, sharing their scarf and bangle stories. In honor of their reuniting, Hermès and Savoir Flair are celebrating with an invite-only party this Friday on Layali Beach. Guests will discover the world of Paris Mon Ami and a sunset full of silks, bangles, and friendship, exploring the spirit of the fashion house while taking part in a Fishfayce photoshoot and friendly competitive games such as volleyball and “Pink Pong” on Savoir Flair’s soon-to-be-unveiled ping pong table.

Be inspired, learn new styling tips, explore the new silks and enamels, and discover its new muses.
See you there!

photos Courtesy of HERMÈS

-October 16, 2011

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