3 Engagement-Party Dress Ideas Inspired by Dana Wolley

Photo: Courtesy of @CoastalWeddingHub

You said yes – congratulations!

The next step for any stylish bride-to-be would entail the hassle of finding the right dress – one that she’ll be dancing in all night to celebrate a truly life-changing moment. And literally any girl with an eye for fashion would agree that the most important part of prepping for an engagement party is, without a doubt, finding the perfect dress.

This mission requires a couple of boxes to be ticked beforehand: a lot of patience, carrying out proper “market” research, and – above all – establishing a theme that will determine your dress and everything that goes with it. Savoir Flair is taking on the task of finding style inspiration to complement traditional, vintage, and modern engagement-party themes by looking to regional influencer and eveningwear maven Dana Wolley.



A timeless ensemble to pick is one that’s retro-inspired, as it will never go out of style. Look to the glamour of Old Hollywood when deciding on your hair, makeup, and jewelry for the night – your photos will forever look flawless. Known for her classic style and love for all things vintage, our style muse perfects this vibe with a luxe color palette, striking silhouettes, and party-perfect hairdos.



Designing your own engagement dress is a great way to make sure that it matches your body type, taste, and celebration theme to perfection. With the sheer number of styles out there, it’s important to not simply chase what’s currently trendy and tone down at least one element – be it the color, style, or fabric.



Engagement parties that are slightly more traditional are the most exciting, especially because you get to showcase a bit of your culture with a sartorial statement. To make sure that your ensemble exudes glamour, opt for shades in the white-color family – after all, nothing says bridal better than a light, icy hue.