Savoir Flair’s Favorite Influencers Are Taking Over Our Snapchat Account

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Lana El Sahely
Photo: Courtesy of @LanaElSahely

You follow their stylish and carefully curated Instagram and Snapchat accounts. You’ve lusted after their shoes, felt inspired by their cooking, and been motivated by their workout pics. Now it’s your chance to see how these social-media stars spend their days – live on Savoir Flair’s Snapchat account.

During the month of June – in honor of Savoir Flair’s seventh birthday – we asked Alamira Noor Bani Hashim (@AlamiraNoor57), Lana El Sahely (@LarmoireDeLana), Karen Wazen (@KarenWazenB), Nathalie Trad (@NathalieTrad), Teresa Karpinska (@StyleDrifter), Razane Jammal (@RazaneJammal), and our very own Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Haleh Nia (@HalehNia), to spend a day giving you a glimpse into their lives, work, pets, homes, and Ramadan rituals.

Here’s what you need to do to get in on the action:

  1. Follow Savoir Flair on Snapchat. Wait – you don’t have Snapchat yet? What are you waiting for? Download it for free by clicking here, then add ‘SavoirFlair’.
  2. Check Savoir Flair’s story each day from June 8th to June 14th. We’ll have a new influencer sharing little snippets of their life every day.

Here’s the schedule:

  1. June 8 – Lana El Sahely
  2. June 9 – Karen Wazen
  3. June 10 – Nathalie Trad
  4. June 11 – Teresa Karpinska
  5. June 12 – Haleh Nia
  6. June 13 – Alamira Noor Bani Hashim
  7. June 14 – Razane Jammal