How to Get a Body like a #VSAngel – Their Food and Fitness Secrets Revealed

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Oh, the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Just those three words alone are enough to put down the biscuits and head to a boot-camp. Donning their wings and strutting their stuff down the Victoria’s Secret catwalks, flaunting their perfect pins, washboard abs, and toned torsos… When it comes to fitspiration, they tick all the boxes.

If you want to get a body like an Angel, look no further than the secrets of two of the newest recruits, Jasmine Tookes and Elsa Hosk. From their favorite workouts to how they stay fit whilst traveling the world, plus what their guilty pleasures are (yes, they actually eat pizza), read our exclusive interviews below and watch the girls in workout action.

Jasmine Tookes | Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Jasmine Tookes:

What is your favorite workout?
I love weight training and also barre classes at Physique 57. I also really love doing squats – it makes me feel very strong and it gives you a nice, round derrière!

Do you have a specific exercise routine?
I alternate between days doing legs, back, abs, and glute workouts, usually four to five times a week.

Are you very healthy in general?
I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as stay fit because I am always shooting with minimal amounts of clothing! [Winks]

What is your favorite sports bra, and why?
I’m obsessed with the new Victoria’s Secret Knockout Front-Close Strappy-back Sport Bra. I love that after a strenuous and sweaty workout, I don’t have to pull it over my head to take it off. The front close makes it very convenient and easy.

What keeps you motivated?
I remind myself of the results and how good I always feel after.

Elsa Hosk | Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Elsa Hosk:

What is your favorite workout?
I’m obsessed with boxing. I love it because you learn something new every time, and that keeps me coming back for more. I’m really into fast-paced, high-energy workouts, but I do mix it up with barre classes at Flywheel Sports, and I love the 30/60/90 classes at Equinox. They are insane!

How do you keep fit whilst traveling?
It can be hard to find time sometimes, but it’s all about motivating yourself. I do whatever I can, whenever I can. It doesn’t have to be grueling, most of the time I bring a jump rope and find a peaceful place and skip to music. I also always travel with gliders for some leg and glute exercises. I just left a trip in Turks and Caicos with Victoria’s Secret, and all the girls in the team got together and did boot-camp classes at lunch. That was a fun way to get workouts in. Everybody brought different exercises on different days. We had yoga, barre, pool aerobics, and body weight training.

How do you stay motivated?
I try to think about how I feel when I work out, as opposed to when I skip it. I sleep better, I’m happier, I’m able to do my job better, and I make healthier choices.

What is your favorite sport bra to wear and why?
I love the Victoria’s Secret Knockout Front-Close Strappy-back Sport Bra. After a strenuous and sweaty workout, I don’t have to pull it over my head to take it off. The front close makes it very convenient and easy, and the strappy back is super sassy!

Are you careful with what you eat?
I generally always eat what I want. I think when you work out a lot, you can afford to eat more because your metabolism is higher. I like healthy food and prefer it, but if I want pizza or a can of Coca-Cola every once in a while, I’m going to have it. I just try to have a few slices and that’s it.

What is your favorite ‘cheat meal’?
Pizza! And bacon…

Click here to watch the Angels in action:

Jasmine Tookes (kick boxing)
Elsa Hosk (lifting)