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Tried and Tested: Clarins Double Serum Facial Treatment

Our features editor, Dylan Essertier, was invited to try the Clarins Double Serum Facial treatment at Clarins, The Dubai Mall. Here, she shares her review of the facial as well as what she learned about anti-aging skincare.

I was happily enjoying my 25th birthday this year when I received some bad news from a variety of reputable beauty sources that put a slight damper on the celebrations. Apparently, age 25 is the magic phase in life when visible aging begins and the skin’s regenerative processes begin to slow. So, when Clarins invited me to test its anti-aging facial, a facial designed to address signs of aging from age 25 onwards, I was more than excited to dive head first into my treatment.

On the day of the facial, I was guided to a room clearly designed to calm the senses. Between the soothing music and the aromatherapy fragrances, the hustle and bustle of The Dubai Mall quickly dissolved into a distant memory. As my therapist began asking a series of questions about my possible skincare concerns, including dehydration, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, dark spots, and loss of firmness, I realized that I had a lot more to think about when it came to preventive skincare than I had ever realized.

Next, the therapist began to lightly pat my face in order to get a feel for the consistency of my skin. As she did this, I fired off about a million questions, which she answered with a thorough diligence. What’s a serum? What’s in the serum? What happens after the serum goes on your face? A serum, she explained, works to deliver essential vitamins and antioxidants by deeply penetrating the skin’s surface. The Clarins Double Serum, which is derived from 20 of the most powerful anti-aging plant extracts, is designed to leave skin feeling firmer, more resilient, and with an improved radiance.

She clearly knew what she was talking about, and with a renewed sense of being in the hands of an expert – and the help of a very relaxing facial massage – I slowly drifted off into a light sleep as she prepped my skin and then delicately massaged the serum onto my neck and face.

The result? My skin definitely felt fresher and brighter post treatment. Equipped with the therapist’s skincare knowledge, I left the facial feeling more aware about how to care for my skin and surprisingly excited about a more grown-up skincare regimen.

by DYLAN ESSERTIER|photo: courtesy of CLARINS

-May 22, 2013

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